Coffee Chat

A few fun links from around the interwebz concerning my one true love – Coffee!

  1. An insight into the specialty coffee farm at Finca San Antonio – no fancy editing, just true life. super interesting! 
  2. Verve Coffee Roasters have an awesome street smart series – really informative, pretty funny and beautifully edited. Remember kids – Latte art doesn’t involve ANY fist pumping! 
  3. An awesome new youtube series i’ll definitely be tuning in to every week – Caffeination, a youtube series in which two coffee guys visit cafes and roasters across Central and Western USA. Should be interesting to see the highs and lows of the US cafe scene!

Also just purchased the most beautiful porcelain Inker cups from Machina Espresso in Edinburgh. I’ve been obsessed with these cups ever since i found a cafe in Australia using them, and now i finally have them for my home flat whites. Far too excited! If you’re ever in the Edinburgh area and in search of all things coffee related, Machina is a great place to pick up some stuff. They’ve also teamed up with Fun in a Cup to offer barista training – which is well worth the money!


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A student with a passion for food, fashion, travelling, beautiful imagery and coffee.

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