What I Ate Wednesday #1

Jumping on the WIAW bandwagon, and sharing some of my eats for the weak! If i made a post for all the eats i photographed, my blog would be flooded. I enjoy taking pictures of my food. and often get weird looks for doing so…




Made these Granola Power bars earlier this week. A HUGE ASS batch of them, so the bottom shelf of my freezer is stocked for future gym runs. Protein powder, Whey protein and all other artificial protein derivatives slightly scare me…. I’m a big believer in eating natural, and the sheer volume of artificial ingredients in those products is extremely off-putting. But i require gym fuel!

These are packed with protein from the milk and eggs that are in them, as well as the oats for a slow releasing carb fix. I added dark chocolate and Goji berries to mine, and they taste UNREAL.



Yet another healthy recipe i found on Annes blog. She has the best ideas for healthy yet indulgent treats! This was my attempt at her Almond Butter French Toast with Apple Cinnamon Yogurt sauce. Was pretty much just as tasty as it sounds. I’d never really chosen to make myself French Toast before, always feeling it was super unhealthy. But this one was protein packed, lightly sweet and moreish. I subbed almond butter for peanut, because it was what i had on hand.

Although note to self – thick and sturdy bread is a MUST. Kingsmill toast will just not hold its own here. So please, ignore the sagging bread fail.DSC00735

A simple weeknight meal – Spinach, pea and shrimp salad. With the addition of a ton of avocado. Because i have no self control when it comes to natures butter.DSC00764


Finally, of course, the goodies i’ve already shared on the blog this week – the Kimchi Cheeseburger and Kori Kohi!


Got some more yummy things i’ve been experimenting with coming up. Have a great mid- week!

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