Almost Vegan

I’ve never been heavy on meat eating – I’d always choose a salad in a restaurant over a steak. Which leads some people to question my mental stability.

Although i still eat fish, eggs and dairy, i tend to incorporate a lot of vegan meals into my weekly life. It encourages me to cook outside the box, try new vegetables and eat nutritionally dense and balanced meals. I think incorporating at least one vegan meal a week into everybody’s diet is a great idea (meatless mondays anyone?). It really teaches us to take the emphasis away from the more calorific and fatty portions of the meal, and forces us to eat more vegetables. which can only be a good thing!

This week, with temperatures in Glasgow FINALLY heating up, i’ve been cooking a lot of vegan meals that feel very summery to me.


The first (almost) vegan meal was this Sweet potato burger from How Sweet It Is (LOOK at those pictures). I say almost vegan because i used egg as a binder here – easily replaced with a flax egg to make a fully vegan meal. When piled on rye with caramelised onions and peppers, it made for a SUPER tasty and summery meal!


A super duper simple tomato soup – canned tomatoes, basil, garlic, cumin and onions boiled down to a thick soup, topped with leftover brown rice, a dollop of greek yogurt and balsamic soaked tofu for protein. Slightly proud of this impromptu lunch!


Yes. I can’t get past it either. it looks like a little turd. BUT I SWEAR, these are some really fudgy tasty guilt free brownies. Lets just say they involve sweet potato, go amazingly with a glass of almond milk and everyone should make them. Preferably with better presentation than mine…. Recipe here.


This was my dinner last night, when Glasgow hit peak temperatures of 27 degrees celsius. Yay! But the last thing i wanted was to grill chicken. or stir fry. or anything involving heat. Enter – raw, noodle less, vegan Pad Thai!

Although the salad was amazing with just the marinade, I also DROWNED this in the optional peanut sauce. Because it was basically just a bowl of asian inspired peanut butter. And according to the laws of peanut butter, any PB like substance must be eaten by the spoonful. ahem.

Theres my vegan eats for the week! Had a steak for dinner tonight, so broke the trend. However, if anyone has any vegan recipes or inspiration, leave a comment – the blogosphere is a never ending source of inspiration to me!

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